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Making space is a co-making space, which combines the resources of a Fablab, machine shop, and coworking space. It has 3 main spaces: Makerspace, Gallery, and Studio. Inside the makerspace is a woodworking workshop, digital fabrication machines, sewing machine, and painting booth. The gallery will have special exhibitions, as well as a small maker shop. The space can also be rented for pop-up events. The studio is a 48 sqm space that is fitted with a light grid for easy lighting installation. Lights, stands, grips, camera, and other shooting equipment are also available for rent. The space is also suitable for workshops and talks.


Our Story

Making Space is White Brick’s initiative to support makers in Cebu and the maker community as a whole. Our vision is to provide a dynamic space where creatives of all fields are able to explore, collaborate and create. Situated in the heart of Cebu City, in Mango Square, it is accessible to students, working professionals, businesses, hobbyists, and residents who need space and tools to make, repair, or learn.


The Community

We are located in Mango Square, a place that is rich in urban culture history and venue of all kinds of music and lifestyle events through the years. Mango Square is also situated right smack in the midtown area of Cebu, an area full of hidden gems that you would surely love to discover. 

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